How a canine inspection will save you money and frustration. If you are about to invest in a “new to you“ home or purchasing an income rental property as part of the home inspection it may be wise to have it checked for an infestation of bed bugs. This could be especially important if the place is furnished or the previous tenants have left furniture behind.

Used or discarded furniture can be a tenants and Landlords worst nightmare.

Regardless if the previous tenants were neat and tidy, they may have brought in bed bugs from normal activities such as holidays in hotels, trips on airlines, visits to movie theatres, libraries and work camps. Bedbugs will stay hidden in baseboards and electrical sockets. If an opening is as thin as a credit card it is wide enough for a bed bug to hide in. They can survive months without feeding and will reappear when they sense food (this is you and your family) is again nearby.


bed bug dogs saskatchewan

Mikki checking vacant apartment

Instead of crawling on your hands and knees removing baseboards and wall plate covers let Mikki our German Short Haired Pointer come in and quickly and accurately check for you. She is well trained and experienced to sniff out live bed bugs and eggs. We do not work for any Pest Control company and only work for you to confirm the location of any bed bugs that may be present. Should bed bugs be found we can work with you and an exterminator of your choice to help you see a successful end of the problem. We can work evenings and weekends to fit your schedule better and we will keep all finding confidential.

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