Bed bugs in your hotel or motel room?

Are there bed bugs in your hotel/motel room?

Bed bugs in your hotel motel room

If you or your family are travelling on holidays or business please take these easy steps to ensure a bug free time after your stay.

Bed bugs are nasty. Their bites cause itchy, irritating welts.

All too often, these little bloodsuckers find their way into hotel and motel rooms. So when you first check into your room, you need to check for signs of a bed bug infestation.

The editors at Consumer Reports offer these five tips:

  1. When you first enter the room, put your luggage in the bathroom – a place you rarely find bedbugs – while you inspect the bedding and furniture.
  2. Pull back the bed sheets and check the mattress and box-spring seams, especially at the head of the bed. Look for the bugs themselves and for dark, rust-colored spots. Those are the exoskeletons, the casings they leave behind when they molt.
  3. Lift the mattress and check under it. Use a flashlight, if you have one. If you see any telltale signs, ask for a new room in another part of the hotel.
  4. Stow your suitcases on a luggage rack or a hard surface, after checking to make sure it’s bed bug-free.
  5. When you get home, you want to kill any potential hitchhikers by putting all the clothing you took in a hot dryer for 30 minutes. Consumer Reports says simply washing them isn’t enough. You might also want to store the empty luggage in the garage, basement or attic.

If you suspect you have brought some hitchhikers home and wish to check or confirm the location of the bugs please call us.  We are willing to work around your schedule so you don’t have to book time off work or upset your business hours.  Contact us at or phone 306-715-0411.

Thankyou to Consumer Reports original article.